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"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I have a track record for keeping Southwest Ranches rural and preserving our rural lifestyle. For the last 4 years, I have stopped your taxes from going up and in two cases lowered your property taxes. I want to continue to work for you. We need to keep your taxes as low as possible, reduce speeding, and improve our solid waste and bulk pickup. With over three decades of experience in our community, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."
ISSUES affecting our Town
I will continue to protect our families, our unique lifestyle, and keep our taxes low. During my tenure on the council, the following steps have been taken to keep us rural, protect our rural lifestyle and safeguard our families.
Keeping us Rural and
Preserving our unique lifestyle
  • To keep our density as low as possible, support your property rights and protect the lifestyle of surrounding residents, on property not already zoned for it, we’ve stopped 1-acre lots from being zoned in when they adjoin 2 acres or larger lots. So, if you live on 2 or more acres, and next to you there is a large lot not already zoned for 1-acre homesites, now 1-acre lots cannot be zoned on that property. I will continue to look for ways to preserve our open spaces.

  • On large properties, when the family is ready to subdivide their property into 2 legal lots, for the benefit of their family members, the property owner can use a one-time waiver-of-plat method to minimize the costs of replating their property. I will carry on looking for ways to protect our property and rights.

  • This year a new land use and zoning category have been created to encourage property owners and developers to develop larger 2.5+ home sites when planning their construction. I will continue to protect space for our animals and agriculture.

Public Safety
  • To protect our Town and improve public safety, in October, License Plate Readers (LPR) will be installed throughout town, at no tax cost to you, to aid Davie PD in protecting our town. If a crime is committed in Southwest Ranches, and a tag is reported, this and any prior criminal offenses linked to the vehicle will be used to notify Davie PD upon recognition of the vehicle. I will go on looking for ways to improve protecting our families and properties.

  • To reduce speeding, slow drivers, and ticket violators, the Town now uses Davie PD's Motor unit which is dedicated to reducing traffic infractions.

  • The Town is purchasing additional police laser speed guns operated by emitting a short burst of infrared laser light and reflecting the beam off the vehicle and back to the gun.  

Property Taxes

  • Over the last four years, I have worked with the Town Administration to stop any property tax increases. During this time, we have had two years of property tax reductions and two years without an increase. I have been fighting to keep our property taxes as low as possible for over twenty years. As your council member, I will continue to make a difference in what it costs to live here.

  • To keep out taxes low while continuing to improve our vital infrastructure, working with our leaders and resources in Tallahassee, at Broward County, the Florida Department of transportation and town hall, we have accepted over $4 million awarded as grants for road resurfacing, drainage, guardrails, public safety equipment as a few examples.

Protecting Agriculture
  • As a long-time resident and member of the agricultural community, I am the only council member who has been a nursery owner and worked as a nurseryman. I am the only poultry farmer to serve on the council. As a child and young man, I was an equestrian working with saddle horses and later with thoroughbreds at two tracks. I understand the unique challenges and have the competency and experience to strongly support the ag businesses located here in town.

  • One of the foundations that our Town was built on is the Ag industry and the Ag properties throughout our community. These are critical to our town and I support them completely. It's one of the features that attracted my family.  I regularly support and promote the new Farmers Market where both home and commercial Ag join together to sell the quality farm products that our Town produces. 

  • During my time on the Council, my leadership and experience led the town to stop charging equestrian barns fire fees for these necessary structures. We have also made the fire fees fairer for our nursery businesses.

  • I also put a stop to a nursery ordinance that would have dramatically impacted our nurseries and ag businesses. 

Solid Waste and Bulk
  • Trash and bulk pickup have been a very sore topic for our neighbors and families. For years, the town has been chasing the lowest price provider at the sacrifice of quality. I have been genuinely concerned that we needed to put more emphasis on service quality. We are changing providers on October 1. The pickup consistency and quality of service will be better.

  • Waste Management, our new provider, by contract has committed to repairing any damage created by their bulk driver.

  • Our provider will clean up any debris when the driver has completed mechanical pickup.


We need your help to protect our town. We need volunteers at the polls during early voting, to wave signs on Griffin Rd and speak to your residents about our platform and ideas.


Provide your contact info above and we will keep you informed of our campaign activities. We will be very busy between Mid-August and Election day.


We will have large and small signs for you to show your support. We would be happy to install your sign. 

Please call Bob at 954-801-1758.

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