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Proven Leadership Keeping us Rural and Preserving our Rural Lifestyle

Council Member Bob Hartmann moved to South Florida in 1984. He and his wife Nancy were married in 1988, and that same year they decided to buy land in Southwest Ranches to raise their family. They immediately got involved with SW 198th Terrace and Country Estates Homeowners Associations. Their first daughter Dawn was born in early January 1994. A week later, She, Nancy, and Bob moved into the home they had built. Their second daughter Jessica was born in 2001. Their daughters have participated in the community’s activities from middle-school through college. Both their daughters have attended Broward Schools and have followed their dad to Broward College and Florida International University. Bob has an undergraduate education in computer science, business administration, and a master’s degree in Management Information Systems. Bob has had a 40+ year career in technology and has owned several businesses over his lifetime.

In the late 1990s, when the State and County began forcing annexations and municipal incorporations, Bob helped organize the umbrella group that formed the Town of Southwest Ranches. Once the group was organized and functioning to create the town, as one of the Town’s founders, Bob urged and encouraged the Broward Legislative Delegation to support a new, rural municipality. He then promoted the latest ideas and educated the community on the group’s intentions to form our town.

Since the formation of the Town of Southwest Ranches in June of 2000, Bob has served on various HOAs and town advisory boards such as the Comprehensive Plan, Drainage and Infrastructure Boards, and a Charter Review committee. Before his election in 2018, Bob had attended most town council meetings, advisory boards, committee meetings, and community HOA meetings and nearly all town related activities since the town was founded.

Bob consistently attends town and resident related meetings and public activities to stay engaged with the town’s people for feedback on community issues and to understand our neighborhood challenges. Bob has a long record of fighting to keep taxes down, protecting property rights, and preserving the rural lifestyle. Bob’s commitment to serve as Council Member comes from a powerful sense of duty to our town and his promise to safeguard these principles so they are preserved for future generations. He pledges to “Keep us Rural and Preserve our Rural Lifestyle.”

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We need your help to protect our town. We need volunteers at the polls during early voting, to wave signs on Griffin Rd and speak to your residents about our platform and ideas.


Provide your contact info above and we will keep you informed of our campaign activities. We will be very busy between Mid-August and Election day.


We will have large and small signs for you to show your support. We would be happy to install your sign. 

Please call Bob at 954-801-1758.

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